Our business is cultivated from happy customers...
we thank you all for allowing us to participate in your special occasions! 


“There really are no words to express how thrilled we are with the video! I have finally watched it today without crying! To be honest I hired you, pretty much behind Glen’s back because we had spent so much on the wedding and he was freaking out. But yet I felt like I needed to have some type of video to document all the things that we would miss and we missed a lot. So, when he saw it for the first time he admitted that it was the best money we spent! So, just know that you made all of us so very, very happy… from the bottom of our hearts we thank you, you are simply amazing!”
- Bethy & Glen

 “I just watched the video of Mike & Melissa’s wedding day…wow! It is absolutely wonderful! Thank you for capturing all the right moments, everything I missed is in the video! I feel like I just relived the day! You certainly do great work. Thank you for helping to make their day so wonderful. I especially appreciate how organized you are, the phone conference in advance, the ideas, suggestions, and the finished product delivered in three weeks.
I can’t say enough about how pleased we are with your service.”

 “Thank you so much for being our videography for our wedding. Both videos were absolutely perfect and everyone loved them.
Thanks again and I’m sure we’ll see you soon!”
- Samantha & Brandon

 “Love, love, love it! Absolutely amazing! You captured some wonderful memories! I see something different each time I watch it.
Matt and I were both crying when we watched it. Just like during the wedding! Thank you so much!”
Kylee & Matt

 “Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did with our video, it is absolutely perfect!
- Ryan & Jessica

 “Thank you so much for our very cherished and memorable video of our wedding! Your talent is amazing! The video brings tears to our eyes every time we watch it! You did a great job keeping everything on track for us too – the day went perfect! Thanks again for all your hard work!”
Scott & Brandi

 “Thank you for everything you did to make our wedding video so perfect. We love it and will cherish it for years to come. Our families were so impressed with the quality and content of the finished video.You were a joy to work with through the entire process of planning and
we will happily recommend your services to all our engaged friends! Many thanks!”
- Laura & Ben

 “We would like to thank you both for your hard work, time and effort that was put into our slideshow and wedding day video!
We absolutely loved them both! Also, thanks for sharing our special day with us.
We greatly and sincerely appreciate the memories that we’ll be able to share with our family down the road!”
- Ben & Amy

 “Thank you so much for all your hard work and beautiful video creation, it truly was a work of art and
you were so fun to work with the day of our wedding. I will highly recommend you to everyone!”
– Michelle & Josh

 “Steven took the DVD to work today, his co-workers went wild saying how they were so impressed
with the theatrical nature of the video. It is really so great!  We love it!”
- Melissa

 “Wow!  You never cease to amaze me. You are super fast and the added features are going to make the kids feel awesome.
So many former students come back and they almost all comment on how much they cherish their videos.  Thank you so much!”
- Amanda

“Shari, your video was AWESOME!  You were exactly right, it was a show stopper!  I was so stressed about having the responsibility
for the video and you did such a great job. There were so many things I loved, the ‘wiggy’ trio blowing the kisses at the end,
the transitions between now and then, etc.  Many thanks to you for such a wonderful job”.
- Trudy

“Your attention to detail and dedication to going above and beyond for your customers is second to none.  We marveled over your ability to catch so many intimate moments on video that weren’t caught in our wedding pictures. We both agree that having you as our videographer for our wedding was the best decision we made – and the best value. Thank you so much for capturing one of the most important days of our lives!” 
- Jessica & Brent

“Thanks for such a wonderful video and memento for us to watch over and over again. We are going to send the extra DVDs to our parents/grandparents for Christmas so we can’t wait for them to see it too. We laughed, we cried…it was just great!” 
- Lindsay

 “I can’t put into words how much everyone LOVED the wedding video! It was perfect! I’ve watched it al least 15 times since I’ve received it! My mom’s quote was perfect…’I felt like I have just been to the best love story ever!’  It definitely made me cry…you did your job perfectly. Thank you for capturing so many of our memories on our special day. We loved it. It was more than I expected” 
- Lindsey

 “Choosing to have you videotape the wedding is most definitely one of the best decisions we made!” 
- Mikala

 “We just had a chance to watch the video last weekend – it was wonderful! We loved the intro video clips of the kids back stage before the curtain opened. You captured the excitement the kids had for the performance and it was a perfect prelude on the video. The out-takes at the end made it feel like you had been filming for months. You did a great job of highlighting the progression. The sound quality was excellent. Your creativity really makes the difference. I will continue to recommend you to all theatres and venues where a video is needed.”
- Nancy

“You did an outstanding job! It is just wonderful. My parents were very impressed as well and are so glad they have their own copy.
Thank you so much!” 
- Katie

 “We loved the video! It makes me tear up every-time I watch it. Thanks for all that you did!” 
- Kara

 “I wanted to make sure to let you know that I really enjoyed the beautiful job you guys did filming and editing our holiday program.
I especially loved the school song with which you joined together different shots from throughout the program. It is so cool!
It is something I will cherish and enjoy for a long time (as will many other families)”
- Elizabeth

"Oh my gosh, it was wonderful!  You really captured the day! I think I even saw a tear in Brady’s eyes as we watched it! 
Of course I cried all the way through it. Brady was the one that  thought we didn’t need to have our wedding videotaped and he said
he was glad we did! Thanks to you we can relive the best day of our life over and over!” 
- Bethany

 “Oh my! You did a wonderful job putting it all together. It is a treasure to have it to remember the day. With the help of your editing,
their wedding day seems a fairy tale. It makes all the planning and preparations really worth what we put into it.
Thank you so much – it is beautiful!”
- Janice

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