You'll watch your Occasions by Shari video over & over again! 

Videography captures the emotion of your special occasions through action, visual and sound.

There are no 'frozen' moments, every smile or movement incorporates a passage of time that builds and recedes.
We understand the importance of getting it right the first time – capturing events where ‘one take’ is the only option!
With no room for error, we design contingency systems for all events and recordings. 

Recording of your event is achieved with professional high performance cameras and sound equipment.
Our filming techniques have been applauded as the best in the area,
with the use of angles, light and fast reaction times to anticipate the unexpected.

Occasions by Shari uses the most current and updated digital technology, commercial video production
and DVD authoring techniques to produce your video.  Videos may include photo and video montages, fade-outs, titles,
interviews, comments from your guests and scrolling or crawling credits that incorporate fun and sentimental approaches.

Crisp video images are captured using high-end 3-chip optical lens technology.
Audio recording is achieved with 16-bit multi-channel stereo sound.  We use wireless systems and microphones
such as lavalieres that are discretely placed near the sound source without distraction to the viewer.

Every video is given the highest level of care and detailed attention to represent the essence of your event.
Whether your event is a wedding, school program, corporate montage, family anniversary,
birthday or legacy interview of your grandparents,
your finished video is something you will watch over and over again.


Our packages are straight-forward, no hidden fees or extra charges for standard requests!
Entrust your event video to professionals you can rely upon...

...timeless, thoughtful, priceless.

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